Jeffery R. Sears
Co-founder and former CEO

Harnessing the creativity, energy and experience of talented individuals is no easy job. But after nearly three decades of executive leadership roles and a lifetime (52 years) of Martial Arts (Shaolin) training, Jeffery is up to the task.

As Co-Founder and CEO of The Modernist Group Jeffery spends his time with this team working across many brands in the areas of cultural replication and the future positive disruption and reinvention of industries. Prior to his return to consulting and project work, Sears co-founded PIRCH in 2010 and operated as it’s CEO for 6.5 years, retiring in 2016.

Prior to that, Sears was President and CEO of Creative Touch Interiors, which he oversaw through its growth from $15 million to $250m and the subsequent acquisition by Home Depot in 2004, ensuring a smooth transition of a private company into a Fortune 15 organization.

Earlier in his career, Sears was Executive Vice President at MSA Industries, growing the company from $40 million to $560 million in revenue in less than two years, prior to its merger with DuPont, where Sears stayed on in the same capacity.

Sears also served as President of Tuftex Industries for six years, developing the 15th largest carpet mill in the United States into a $450 million business prior to its acquisition by Queen Carpet and subsequently Shaw Industries/Berkshire Hathaway.

A second-generation San Diegan, Sears remains extremely involved within the community and received a Spirit of Life Award in 2006 for his dedication and commitment to City of Hope. Sears is an active Alumni of San Diego State University and has been married to his lovely wife Geri for 36 years.